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Welcome to the Heard Family Website!

This website is mainly intended for the Heard's to stay in contact and up-to-date with individual and family happenings. It's also a place to share annoucenments, pictures, movies, stories, history and many other aspects of our family. This webiste includes many useful features. You'll find a shared calendar that allows any family member to add events. There's also a "phonebook" that contains names, numbers, addresses, email addresses, important dates and more. The site also includes a photo/movie album that the family has access to view, or add to. Another useful feature is the complete web based geneology program. It contains all the features of paid geneology software and more. Current weather conditions and forecasts are available at a click for all the places we reside. Maps (for traveling, etc) are available in the same fashion.

Also available for the family is an extensive PC Support area. It contains such useful things as common downloads, frequently asked questions, a support forum for asking questions and getting answers, an easy way to find your current IP address, live chat and more. The download area contains such things as VNC, virus scanners, spyware/adware scanners, drivers and whatever else may be needed. If you need something from me, this is where you'll find it at.

You can also find individual event pages here for things such as birthdays, reunions, vacations, weddings, etc. If you want an event page added, just let me know and I'll either put it together or allow you to. Remember to take plenty of pictures or video!

Personal pages are similar to the event pages discussed above. Personal pages are for things like hobbies or awards or things of that nature. As with the event pages, if you want one or many, let me know. I can either put them together from info and things you provide, or if you know how (or just want to learn), I'll give you access to do it your self. Take a look at mine for some examples.

I'm also sharing my Orb content. For more information on what that is, click on Orb in the menu.

Many areas of this site are secured and require a username and password to access. There also may be some things of use to non-family. Those areas are not secured.

Family members needing access should contact Chrys for help with the process. It is simple and only requires a few minutes.

General or feature suggestions, along with any bug reports are always welcome.

There's plenty to explore and do here.

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